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1. About booking…

Reservation of a specific vehicle on a specific date is possible by a preliminary Deposit of 30% of the rental cost. Booking available for cars over 3 000 RUB/day and for a period of 2 days. To cancel your reservation is required no later than one day prior to the rental.

In other cases, for example:

  • if You plan to rent a car worth at least 3000 RUB/day;
  • if You are renting a car just for 1 day;
  • if You are planning for example a wedding or other important event, which is preparing for a month or more in advance or just want to insure,...
  • and so on, You can leave a Preliminary application for the desired date and the desired car (not to be confused with armor) by calling our contact telephone numbers +7 (812) 922-57-30, +7 (812) 339-57-30!

Our managers will add You to the schedule, and You will have the priority right to his rent.

But yesterday evening (around 20:00) we will be able to give You the latest information on the availability of your desired car at the desired day. Our Park presents a wide range of cars in various price categories, but most of the models are presented in a single copy, which rent customers often renew, therefore, to predict the presence of this car in a long time is not possible, as the cars tend to break down, get into an accident, to be in a long-term lease or under purchase. In its absence we will find You a worthy replacement! We Are Waiting For You!

If You need a car tomorrow, then call and find out about possible options the night before, about 8 hours of commercials, or direct in the morning on the day of hire, and 100% will give You any car.

2. About departure by rented car to other cities and abroad…

We have no mileage limitation only for Saint-Petersburg and the region. If You are going to go to another city, the day You are free to overcome 300 km, all over is paid at the rate - 3 roubles/km at the end of the lease term.

The procedure for calculating the permissible limit of mileage is as follows: the total mileage added and divided by the number of days of the lease. It is very convenient if You, for example, in one day did not use 300 km, and the next exceeded the limit of 2 times, then the unused kilometers You will not burn.

Travel outside the region specified in advance when signing the contract and paying rent.

On our car, travel abroad is possible for individual consideration by the security service, and if You are a regular customer. Mileage limit is the same as in Russia.

At the conclusion of the contract will be drawn up notarized power of attorney, so when crossing the border in a foreign country, issues with documents will not..

3. About the documents…

Required documents when applying to our company:

for juridical persons

  1. A power of attorney from the signing of the lease contract and the act of reception and transmission of the vehicle and the relevant documents.
  2. Request car rental without driver / with driver in writing via e-mail.
  3. Passport and driver's license for each employee authorized to control.
  4. Details.

For individuals

  1. Passport.
  2. A driver's license.
  3. Any third document (passport, INN, military ID...) – only the first call

If You have a temporary driver's license issued in the event of theft or loss of rights, and with the help of the traffic police problems to take with us to rent a car will not occur (assuming of course that it is not expired).

If your licence was issued in another country, it is necessary that it was of international standard.

This set of documents need not, depending on where You are registered and a citizen of the country is. The same conditions for all!

At the conclusion of the lease You are provided with a full set of documents, including the agreement and the act.

If You want to allow another driver to control the rented car, this is not necessarily the presence of the man himself, but we need originals of your passport and driver's license.

Prerequisite - checking new customer security. For this you need to call the office by phone +7 (812) 922-57-30 or +7 (812) 339-57-30 (during working hours) and leave your personal data. Completing the questionnaire will not take You much time, but if You will be uncomfortable on the phone - can make arrangements with the Manager about a different way of filling the form (email, icq, skype).

Within the hour (during working office hours) our managers will contact you to inform You of the result. After that, regardless of whether You have a car or not, to undergo the test would no longer be necessary.

In case of failure, the results of the security check, per company policy, remain without comment.

4. About the rent, the extension of the repayment period…

The minimum period of car rental one day (24 hours). The time is calculated this way: how many took the car, at the same time the next day You will need to return to the Park. It is also possible to deliver/return the car:

  • within the ring road (09:00-18:00) - 700 RUB.;
  • within 30 km from the ring road (09:00-18:00) - 1 500 RUB

But if needed, we ask You, Dear customer, to inform not less than 6 hours!

But if needed, we ask You, Dear customer, If You need a shorter rent, you can rent a car for the campaign "From dusk till dawn". Every day after 19:00 You can choose from available in the car Park cost from 3000 RUB./day and get it with 40% discount for the night ahead. Return of property is before 12:00 noon.

If You took the car for a certain period, but it took some time to rent, then you need to come to the office and to extend the lease, or to pay for the extension remotely in any salon of cellular communication.

If You took the car for a certain period, but it is needed If You are renting a car for a few days, but returned it early, on the last day of the rental (minimum of two) the company will make hourly allocation.

If You want to rent a car for one day off, the cost will be daily, as the "weekend rate" is valid only from 18:00 Friday to 13:00 Monday, and the price indicated for the whole rental period.

5. About the driving experience and age…

In our company there are restrictions on persons permitted to drive the vehicle, age and driving experience. If You want to use our services of car rental without driver, You must be at least 19 years of age and minimum driving experience – 1 year.

In this case, to rent a car categories with over 6000 RUB/day You must be at least 21 years old and Your driving experience – from 2 years.

The driving experience is considered to be a category, and from the time of issuing an official document (driver's license). If your licence was lost, and the new rights is the date of their issuance, on the reverse of the document should be the inscription "Experience with one thousand nine hundred a year."

Insurance companies no exception! For them it does not matter how many days You will be 19 years, or, for example, then You are a 7-year-old age started to drive grandpa's car..

Insurance companies look specifically at the date of issuance of a license! Therefore, at the time of conclusion of the contract of rent a car without a driver You must be at least 19ti years, and the rights should be issued to You at least a year ago.

6. About insurance, deductible, Deposit…

Vehicles are insured for CTP and hull. Hull insurance with a deductible by default (included in the price).

Any insurance is only valid in the presence of: reference No. 748, of the Protocol and decision of an administrative offense!

Deductible is the amount that the customer pays in case of damage to the vehicle through their own fault or the fault of persons whose identity cannot be established or is not possible. Paid only in the event of an accident or theft of the vehicle and the key is not. In fact, the franchise is all that You pay in an accident due to Your fault:

  • 10 000 RUB. (for cars up to 3000 RUB/day);
  • 15 000 RUB. (for cars from 3000 to 6000 RUB/day);
  • 25 000 RUB. (for cars from 6000 RUB/day).

When making the lease agreement, for an additional fee you can pre-remove unconditional franchise:

  • 500 RUB/day to the price (for cars up to 3 000 RUB/day);
  • 700 RUB./day to the price (for cars from 3 000 to 6 000 RUB/day);
  • 900 RUB./day to the price (for cars from 6 000 RUB./day).

In the case of a car breakdown is not Your fault or the accident was not Your fault, there is a replacement car!

To apply for a car rental in Saint-Petersburg you can use the online application on the website or in our offices in your city.



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