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The cost of car rental without driver in St. Petersburg

Prices car rental in St. Petersburg

  • "Hourly" billing. The total cost of the trip is determined taking into account the cost and time of rental machines. There are a number of restrictions: the minimum regulations ordering cars economy class – 3 hours, the rental Executive level – 4 hours. Additional charge for 1 hour of machine feed.
  • Rate "Working day" is valid from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 18 hours.
  • Rental cars in St. Petersburg at the rate of "transfer". Convenient option for travel to the airport, the validity period is 2 hours.
  • Special billing "Airport". To travel from one airport to another, valid for 3 hours.

Special conditions for rates on a rental car in Saint-Petersburg.

  • If you have exceeded the time limit orders "transfer", "Airport", the calculation is subject to the rules of charging "per hour"
  • All information is valid for rental cars in the time interval 10:00 – 20:00. After 20 hours the rise in 30% from the basic rate. After midnight take a car with driver rental is possible only by agreement of the parties.
  • In the day to be paid + 30% to basic fare.

IMPORTANT: in the period from 15 April to 15 September are "summer prices" for rental with driver. From Friday to Sunday for the main charge is an additional charge of 30 % of the cost. The minimum order is 5 hours and 1 hour of serving.


Min. hours


Per 1 hour, RUB. "Business day" RUB. "Transfer" RUB. "Airport" RUB. For Moscow, RUB/km

Economy class

(up to 4000 rubles/day)

3+1 / 5+1 700 5000 -- 3200 10

Standart class

(4000-5500 rubles/day)

3+1 / 5+1 900 6500 3600 4100 12

Premium class

(5600-7800 rubles/day)

4+1 / 5+1 1200 8600 4800 5400 15


(5500-7800 rubles/day)

4+1 / 5+1 1300 9400 5200 5900 15

Executive class

(7900-10800 rubles/day)

4+1 / 5+1 1400 10100 5600 6300 20


(10900-15000 rubles/day)

4+1 / 5+1 1600 11500 6400 7200 20


(up to 15000 rubles/day)

4+1 / 5+1 3000 22000 12000 14000 25

Car hire in St. Petersburg with the crew – the main activity of our company. This service is relevant, since the use of car with driver – great opportunity to be on time in the right place. We provide performance, all serviceable vehicles, reasonable prices for a car with driver in St. Petersburg. In what cases our services are particularly in demand? You want to buy a car but have not decided on the model, You have a car, but she is in repair, You like to travel by car, but to sit behind the wheel is not for You. In all these cases, car rental is the best option. Maybe You were on a business trip in another city and I'm afraid to drive in an unfamiliar area? Then feel free to take a car for rent with driver and make the necessary travel arrangements.

Rent a car in St. Petersburg for the organization of the event and when conducting corporate. By the way, in this case, no need to worry whether Your car registration, inspection, insurance and other established procedures absolutely You don't care. Car with driver is a great option, because provided the car is always serviceable, the paperwork, the driver knows the route.

You need to meet relatives must find a car business class, no time to arrange a transfer of the family from the airport yourself? Give us a call, "Auto-Pilot" will quickly solve all the problems related to mobility: getting relatives by appointment, pick up a car with driver Executive class, meet you at the airport with your spouse and children.



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