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Car hire with option to purchase


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Company "Pilot-Auto" offers car rental with purchase. This type of rental involves a temporary use of the vehicle then switch it to the property of tenant. This service is not a form of credit, purchase on credit or leasing. In this regard, to compare the overpayment and the interest rate in the hire purchase and obtaining a loan on the car is incorrect. The lease payment includes maintenance of the vehicle (the installation of security systems, TS-1 and TS-2, the seasonal set of tires) and the cost of registration of the vehicle (insurance CTP and hull insurance, motor vehicle tax). These costs average from 15% to 25 % of the value of the car.

The benefits of renting with option to buy

  • Flexible payment plans. The leasing a car with option to purchase is held as quickly as possible and does not require large financial resources. You can generate the optimal schedule of payments with a fixed amount. It also provides the opportunity of early redemption of the vehicle.
  • The cost of Finance. Usually the amount of the initial payment included the cost of machine maintenance (maintenance, installation of security systems, seasonal set of tires) and styling (insurance CDW and TP, the transport tax).
  • Time savings. For registration of buying the vehicle, You do not need income certificate and other documents. If the car is purchased from a fleet company, You will receive it within 3 days. You will be spared from having to deal with insurance issues, take the car for inspection, to spend time on the passage and recruitment of rubber for the season.
  • The possibility of choice. Like purchased car, and You want to change it for another model from the company's fleet? In this case, the contract can be renew. If You paid this amount also transferred to the new contract.
  • Flexible terms. For registration You are not required to provide income, to have a residence permit in Moscow or region.

The terms of the contract of hire-purchase

Time. The maximum term of performance of the contract is two years. You can determine the optimal period (from one to two years). Thus You are left with the possibility of early execution of the contract.

A schedule of payments. You can choose a convenient schedule of lease payments for Your car – weekly, monthly, etc. Payments shall be made on the basis of scheduling for the entire duration of the contract.

Insurance. You get a car that have already been registered and insured for CTP and hull.

To the clients requirements

  • Who wants to rent a car with the right of redemption is only checked by the security service of the company. Reference from place of work are not required. Official driving experience must be at least 1 year.
  • Registration in the Moscow region is not a prerequisite but, if present, the variant of the agreement with no down payment. If You are registered in a different region, you will discuss the options with a down payment.
  • The car most of the time will be operated in Moscow. Mileage restriction no.

The procedure of buying a car

Preliminary discussions. First You select the car of the directory or agree on the desired model with the company. After that, calculated the approximate value of the transaction, and You provide your personal details to check our security services. After the approval of a contract lease car with option to buy.

The conclusion of the lease car with option to buy. The document introduces the agreed terms of the transaction. Schedule of payments and the act of reception-transmission cars is fixed in the application. If the car is brought to Your order, the amount of the initial payment is not less than 15 %. In this case, the fee for the first month is payable on the day of signing the contract.

Transfer of car rental. The insurance company agreed the terms of MTPL and motor hull, and You get the car. If the technique is acquired from the fleet of our company, the transfer occurs on the day of conclusion of the contract. If the car is purchased under the order, You get it for three days.

Transfer of car ownership. At the end of the rental payments and the redemption value of the car is issued the transfer of ownership, and You become the full owner.

The company "Auto-Pilot" provides a wide range of services for car rental service. To contact us You can e-mail, ICQ or phone numbers listed under "Contacts". Call us now and our managers will answer all Your questions.


Order your rental car in SPB and Moscow in the company "Pilot-Auto" in our office, or call the phone numbers in Your city.



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